The Magus indexer

Identifying performance blocking issues in a sea of change

Up to now, getting to grips with organisational cultures and the hidden reasons why organisations do not work as effectively as they should, has been difficult, costly and time-consuming. Most methods are susceptible to data problems due to through human error, because the brain interprets instead of recording valid data.

Magus Indexer is a powerful discovery tool that overcomes all these problems and does not stop there.  Indexer identifies the causes of organisational under-performance, in real time. Its databases can be queried to locate performance blocking issues, wherever they exist in the organisation. And it does this by function, level, or level within function. The Magus Indexer is objective and rigorous - targeting current problems and their causes, not getting bogged down in history.

Indexer uses a thoroughly researched model of organisational resilience as its base methodology. Resilient organisations have organisational cultures that enable them to continually adapt to a changing environment - dynamically and organically. Indexer graphical reports illustrate both the current degree of resilience; and where changes are needed to increase it.

Indexer identifies where organisational permissions are enabling or inhibiting performance.  A comprehensive diagnostic tool enables facilitated workshops to cover all the possible causes of negative permissions and to identify the actions needed to convert them.

Unlike organisational mapping tools that rely on subjective inputs, Indexer uses source data that avoids the need for judgements by respondents. Indexer uses questions about observable practices and processes. Respondents' answers are linked to diagnostic outputs through Magus Toolbox inference engine technology.

These robust engines encapsulate current knowledge about best practice and organisational behaviour.  In Indexer, the engine converts uncontaminated input data through thousands of many-to-many relationships to produce just 15 diagnostic outputs on key dimensions of organisational resilience.

Data collection is web-based, which means that Indexer can handle unlimited sample sizes, from multiple locations – in fact, any location that has access to the web.  The process is low on time consumption, convenient for respondents, inexpensive, and very fast.

The speed and ease of use of Indexer means that pre-intervention, interim and post intervention assessments can be used to monitor and maintain progress towards achieving high levels of organisational resilience.

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