The balanced scorecard and KPIs

All organisations measure, but the vast majority don’t measure effectively. The symptoms of these measures include:
  • Few, if any, benefits
  • Great financial cost to the organisation, outweighing any benefits
  • Promoting the wrong sort of behaviours (often destructive)
  • The lack of balanced measures, resulting in a ‘skewed’ and distorted approach to taking business decisions
  • Ignoring vital success factors
  • Targets which are ill founded and de-motivating for staff
  • Data manipulation or even cheating by staff to return good results
  • Incoherence in how measures fit with each other, resulting in mutual undermining of the work of different groups
  • A lack of integration into continuous improvement reviews
  • Confusion amongst staff about what the results mean
  • ‘Ad Hoc’ measures which are not related to the organisation’s aims
  • A lack of priority: all measures have equal value

The link between leadership and measures is ‘haphazard’ so that efforts aren’t focused on the most important areas

Key Performance understands measurement and how it can be applied to best effect. We plan to avoid all of the symptoms listed above.

Our experienced personnel deliver:

  • The balanced scorecard
  • Process performance measures
  • Training in understanding data
  • Training in reporting and presenting data
  • Using data to drive improvement
  • Advice on the effectiveness of current measures
  • Solutions to how measures can help change behaviours
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