Ambitious managers seek business initiatives to deliver their goals. Such business initiatives have regularly become ‘must do’ and fashionable. But they invariably fail to deliver to their full potential and are jettisoned in favour of the next fashionable initiative. TQM (Total Quality Management) is an example of such an initiative. Many consultancies sold their own TQM methodologies or versions to organisations hungry for the way to achieve success. Unfortunately organisations are all unique and cannot be treated as recipients of ‘standardised’ methodologies. Despite many qualities, TQM (as with other initiatives) largely failed.

Achieving success depends on a balance of factors appropriate for that organisation. Leadership combined with good people, sharp processes and good customer relations are a few of these key factors. The EFQM Excellence Model provides a reference against which organisations can assess their own situation. Following their own assessment organisations can agree on their approach to business success.

Self Assessment

Key Performance has facilitated many different types of self- assessments and used these to create action plans. They have all been successful because they are practical yet insightful. We provide advice and support on associated best practices as and when required, such as benchmarking, six sigma, balanced scorecard, process management, and team and manager development. We help organisations discover the best balance for their way to success.

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