Organisational Improvement in efficiency and effectiveness that you have only dreamed about! - August 2012

The vast majority of change programmes fail because their designers have only a partial understanding of how their organisations work. There is a hidden side to an organisation which has never been measured and therefore largely ignored. This hidden side is how people work in networks and make sense of the complexities of modern business. This ‘social capital’ and ‘meaning capital’ are crucial assets which can deliver amazing increases in productivity and added value.

Measuring and understanding hidden informal networks leads to true transformational change not traditional first order change. It requires new learning, new ways of seeing things and different ways of operating. Strategic initiatives designed to change culture, improve innovation, reduce costs,  improve services, increase employee engagement, will never achieve their aims unless the social networks are mapped, analysed and critical positive influencers found and used.

This is crystalised in the following equation:


We make the intangible, tangible and providing  a ‘reality baseline ‘ before any change starts . Our evidence based reality means we help improve personal and organisational effectiveness simultaneously.
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