Operational change

Leaders often try to change their organisations, but struggle to find an effective starting point.

Change for the better is dependent on the leader setting a framework of goals and desired outcomes and then bringing together the correct balance of resources, skills and methods. Then you need a change plan that’s developed and implemented with the help of those involved. Tricky when you’re going it alone; simple when you have the right support.

Key Performance consultants not only have a thorough knowledge of tools and techniques, but a firm conviction that change will only successfully occur through good leadership and the involvement of those it affects. We explore whether your organisation:

  • Is clear about what it wants to achieve and when
  • Has fully worked out the benefits of the change
  • Understands the drivers and barriers of change
  • Is clear what sort of leadership and management behaviours it has at present and what it wants in the future
  • Has understood the risks and consequential implications of the change it seeks
  • Understands how staff can be involved in the change
  • Has identified internal change agents
  • Has allocated sufficient resources to enable change
  • Has a transitional leader who has drive, great communication skills and can instil employee confidence in the change
  • Has a workable plan

We can help in part or all of the above elements of change. Our experience of all sorts of organisational change gives our customers confidence in the delivery of their desired outcomes.

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