Networker is a highly flexible, informal networks mapping tool that we use to identify ‘the right people’ to engage in a variety of situations. For example, the people who should be collaborating across functional or organisational boundaries, the people who may best be used as influential change agents, and those who are the best communicators or those who are the most innovative.

We also use Networker informal networks analysis software and its proven methods, tools and techniques to tap into yours and your partner agencies' organisational intelligence to deliver effective solutions. We help you to develop the internal capacity to tackle any problems. In addition to an immediate pay-back, we also expect to see:

  1. High levels of engagement, with people initiating action to explore, test and apply multiple solutions.
  2. People sharing knowledge across boundaries and, in doing so, creating new organisational knowledge.
  3. Improved working relationships and reduced silo mentality.
  4. More efficient use of resources with fewer duplications of effort; more effective working partnerships around shared goals; and greater agreement on roles and responsibilities.

We do this in workshop environments by:

  • Providing hard data (in the form of informal network maps) about what is actually happening within and between organisations.
  • Using this data to stimulate reality-based conversations about the issues being faced.
  • Facilitating a safe environment for the un-sayable to be said.
  • Agreeing areas of ‘bounded freedom’ with managers, where engaged staff have the freedom to both identify and then implement changes in specific areas.
  • Enabling people to focus on delivering improved quality services, with cost-saving as a by-product of this.
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