Improve productivity and motivate your employees with more effective leadership

To be a truly effective leader you have to delegate. It’s one of the least understood but most critical factors in ensuring effective business management.

The devil’s in the detail...

Getting dragged into the detail of daily operations is the downfall of many business leaders. It takes away your focus, adds to your stress levels and most importantly, eats into the time you need to plan, to think, and to provide leadership for your employees.

Leaders lead; doers do...

Any good leader knows the difference between leading and doing. Leading is about planning for the future of your organisation and using perspective to help you achieve that. Time spent filing accounts and negotiating marketing plans simply takes you away from this.

But while the theory’s all well and good, putting delegation into practice can be a tough and uncomfortable challenge for many business leaders. Moreover, it’s often exacerbated by dependent and unconfident employees, who rely on you to inform their decision-making and can be resistant to losing your perceived support.

So we help you and your managers regain your strategic focus, whilst working to empower and motivate your employees into taking supportive action, whether that’s through better decision making, setting more tangible targets or improving process management.

Here are just some examples of how we help managers to delegate more effectively.

Self-assessment – We use the EFQM Excellence Model to help leaders see their organisation more clearly and then put in place a plan of action. Self-assessment looks at all aspects of your business, including people, policies, partnerships and resources, to help you achieve the best outcomes.

4-in-1 events – These all day events bring together different business challenges, such as setting goals, improving communication and motivating employees. This allows you to tackle all the issues that can stop you from delegating; often resulting in business-wide improvements.

Informal networks – Tap into your natural, as well as your formal leaders and discover improved ownership as well as higher levels of motivation.

Open dialogue – Improving how employees communicate is a powerful tool for helping you delegate. Stronger relationships enable employees to work better together and rely on you less for everyday decision-making. We use a combination of interviews, questionnaires and relationship mapping to stimulate open dialogue and create more fluid, supportive relationships.

Independent facilitation - Key Performance consultants facilitate in important meetings and organise regular management team forums and team building events. Improving your relationships with other managers and employees allows you to delegate more confidently and appropriately. It also helps you to ensure acceptance and support when delegating to employees.

Improvement programmes – Well-mapped improvement programmes are an excellent means of changing workforce behaviour. Structured programmes enable you to clarify roles and accountabilities for employees, so that people understand and accept their responsibilities and rely less on management for day-to-day decision-making. Giving you the time to focus on leadership and business planning, so you can successfully manage and develop your business.

Strategic thinking - We help your managers to become more effective leaders through changing the way that they think about and plan for growth.

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