Informal networks

Use informal networks to bring about high performing, flexible organisations

Organisational culture is often seen as something fluffy and unimportant. Research indicates that organisational culture can either be a disabler or enabler of organisational performance. We identify and break down the key aspects that limit high levels of performance and cause frustration throughout. We change organisational culture to enable a high performing organisation.

There is growing acceptance that informal networks of people both in and between organisations are key to developing high performance. This works best when it involves people from different functions or organisations, who can share knowledge and resources across organisational boundaries to solve problems. We apply robust, research-based processes to enable people in informal networks to deliver high performance.

Effective working relationships and their interactive skills are a vital foundation for building and operating effective, collaborative working relationships in teams and cross-functional groups. Key Performance uses a variety of proven models for developing interactive, decision-making and problem-solving skills, including tools for confronting and resolving conflict across functional boundaries. These drive the development of positive solutions for challenging problems and enabling high performance teams.

This can be replicated across the whole organisation. This is the sort of organisation that:
  • Unleashes the hidden potential of its people and their relationships based on mutual trust.
  • Has sufficient staff support and enthusiasm to implement a successful ‘can do’, highly-productive culture.
  • Is resilient in terms of its agility, flexibility and innovation.
  • Is able to capture and utilises collective intelligence to solve wicked problems.
  • Is not afraid to learn and accept constructive criticism.
  • Embraces discovery of opportunities as they emerge.
  • Is not distracted by ‘flavour of the month’ short term initiatives.
This is an organisation which is cohesive, motivating and forward looking! And this is what Key Performance can help organisations achieve.

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