Independent facilitation support

The demands on senior and middle managers increase every year. They perceive they have to be proficient in a wide variety of roles. They labour under a variety of different objectives and timed deadlines. It takes a confident manager to admit to needing help.

Suppliers are often suspicious of large organisations and will 'hold back' extra support. Key Performance provides a valuable, confidential bridge; facilitating improved relationships and joint processes.

The help we provide managers with takes various forms, such as:

  • Organising and facilitating pivotal meetings on key business critical topics, allowing managers to fully participate in discussions.
  • Leading multi-organisational project meetings as an independent agent, thus ‘cutting through’ rivalries and achieving common agreements.
  • Organising and facilitating regular management team forums and team building events. The sponsoring managers become members of their teams, drawing out ‘other sides’ to their characters and improving their relationships with their reporting staff.
  • Organising management events, conferences and team meetings
  • Helping with specific decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Employee survey workshops
  • Assisting with critical stages in project lifecycles

Key Performance is a well respected provider of neutral facilitation and management support. We are good communicators: insightful and trustworthy. Whenever we’re involved we are focused on your requirements, so we can improve your effectiveness.

Companies who have used this service include:

Airwave Solutions
Analysis Mason
The Ambulance Service

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