Improvement programmes

All organisations want to improve, but they rarely have the knowledge, ideas, skills, experience and resources needed to enable change.

Well at Key Performance we provide you with those extra resources, so you can effectively deliver change. We have the right people for all stages in the programme and we pride ourselves in not only fully understanding processes and the technical aspects of change, but in winning the support of your people.

We ensure that:

•    The exact nature and implications of the change are fully understood
•    Improvement or change goals are very clear
•    Change can be measured
•    Plans involve as many people as possible
•    Change is fully integrated with other organisational strategies
•    Our communications are excellent
•    You have teams that can help implement programmes
•    Roles and accountabilities are clear
•    We help drive it forward
•    Prevent or minimise problems by active and very visual involvement
•    Create the right atmosphere of behaviours
•    People, as far as possible, enjoy the challenge

As a result of our improvement programmes, we have:

•    Improved or radically changed processes
•    Initiated changed working goals, practices and behaviours
•    Led cross-functional, business-wide improvement programmes
•    Led self-assessment so it brings about desired changes
•    Introduced business measures; radically changing organisational focus and behaviours

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