Future proofing and 4Sight

What is future proofing?

The phrase ‘future proofing’ has become increasingly common in business terminology. Future proofing is about ensuring that an organisation is properly set up today to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Business environments are constantly changing. Management rarely have the time to step back and ensure that they are currently making the right decisions to ensure their business will be successful and thriving in three to five years’ time. This is particularly true when the economy is weak and businesses are focusing their efforts on immediate concerns.

‘4Sight’ developed in conjunction with the Lamberhurst Corporation, is a thought provoking process for reviewing current business performance and identifying desired business performance. Strategic choices can be revised and new innovative and more suitable approaches to business can be developed to create a more robust business model and improved future performance. ‘4Sight’ rates nine key business areas to identify the critical gaps between where a business is now and where it needs to be in three years’ time to avoid risks that could significantly affect performance. The process pulls through exactly what help is needed to achieve the business’s future goals.

What 4Sight offers clients

The benefits that can result from 4Sight include:
  • Better business decisions and improved outcomes
  • Speedier decisions, so that outcomes can be achieved more quickly (and possibly before the competition) and lead to more business opportunities
  • Innovative and refreshing new and highly beneficial options for change
  • Fundamental changes that improve the competitive position of the company
4Sight is cost effective and provides invaluable practical information and ideas at a fraction of the cost of more traditional business reviews. Each of the 4Sight business areas and associated questions challenges the fitness of existing ideas, assumptions, methods and norms to meet the future. The process is very flexible and can be applied to suit specific needs. This allows the client to target known areas of weakness.

The 4Sight process enables discussion of the relevance and benefits of a plethora of new ideas and approaches, many of which could enhance the effectiveness of the business.

4Sight can also be used as a 360º tool taking into account every type of stakeholder, including suppliers, partners, customers, employees and investors.
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