Facilitated 4-in-1 events

Senior managers know that getting to the bottom of problems, building their teams, developing their managers and motivating their employees are all important. But the pressures of working life mean they rarely give them sufficient attention. Imagine if all 4 areas could be tackled successfully at the same time. That would be a valuable way to improve business effectiveness.

Key Performance has developed a very special way for organisations to tackle business challenges, teambuilding, management development and personal motivation in one event. Each event is tailored to suit each client’s needs. Its balance of facilitation, group and personal exercises provide the basis for sustainable business improvement and happy memories. As one client remarked:

“I don’t know how we achieved so much in such a short time and yet still had great fun.”

Planning, making difficult decisions, setting goals, innovating new services, improving communications, resolving long standing issues, re-invigorating dejected staff, creating new teams and asking difficult questions of people. These are just some examples of the business challenges of previous 4-in-1 events. Invariably clients repeat the event with a different mix of business challenges. They know it works and is extremely valuable.

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