Employee research

Most other employee research consultants construct questionnaires using a ‘one question’ technique i.e. the agree/disagree scale. But we believe this technique makes it hard to explore important employee and organisational issues.

For example, different kinds of people have different job expectations, and different things that satisfy or motivate them. Agree/disagree scales can’t identify staff priorities or assess how good the organisation is at meeting staff expectations. And this is to the peril of your business.

Understanding what makes your employees tick is how you improve employee engagement and reduce staff turnover. But of course this has cost implications too. With a lower churn rate, you can make significant savings on recruitment and training costs, while retaining employees’ knowledge and experience within the business.

Our approach helps you to identify which areas staff value and how they feel about these areas in your workplace. As an example, the chart below shows satisfaction plotted against importance for a particular organisation.


Our approach provides insight into what your business does to keep staff and what it does to makes them leave.

Other questions can help you understand how well staff are engaging with different aspects of your business e.g. your values, vision and line managers etc.

We normally recommend including some standard normative measures of job satisfaction, advocacy for the business and advocacy for your products/services. We ask an open-ended question about what the company needs to do for staff to talk (even more) highly about your organisation as an employer. 

Key Performance customises surveys to suit the specific needs of each business and to find key insights, which are vital for employee engagement.

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