Customer focus

Increase turnover and improve employee satisfaction with better customer focus

Most successful businesses use customer service to differentiate themselves from their competitors and create a loyal customer base. Good customer service is often the difference between a highly successful organisation and one that fails, so it’s vital to get it absolutely right.

Good customer service – it’s easier said than done

While most of us agree with the principles of great customer service, putting thought into action is easier said than done. Most businesses are prey to reams of internal processes and bureaucracy, mounting politics and that age old trap of over-promising and under-delivering. All of which can make our customer service both unsatisfactory for customers and stressful to maintain for employees.

Starting to sound familiar?

Get back your focus

Often in our eagerness to please, a lack of focus can creep into our service delivery. We compromise cost models and delivery targets to win the customer’s affection; almost always taking things off track and muddying the waters for both customers and employees. And in doing so, we take our eye off the most important person of all: the customer.

With Key Performance we help you regain that focus. We do this by taking you on a journey that helps you understand what good customer service looks like, and then use this to refine your service delivery model. And we do this as smoothly and painlessly as possible, so it causes minimum disruption to your business.

How do we do it?

We have many tried and tested methods for improving service delivery, so we select the most appropriate method for the size and structure of your business. This includes looking at the ‘7 dimensions’ of service delivery, such as reliability and responsiveness, and how they are viewed by your customers. So we can understand where you are currently and where you need to be.

We also use Six Sigma – a rigorous performance improvement method that helps us to identify product and service weaknesses and then work to eliminate them. This is a tried and tested method for improving customer service and is one of the key ways to prevent inconsistent service delivery.

We work with Burge Hughes Walsh to find the most practical way forwards and use this to deliver tangible benefits to your business.


Benchmarking is a powerful tool for understanding how you stack up against the competition and identifying where improvements can be made.

Many companies use benchmarking solely for price analysis, but benchmarking can also be used to measure best practice and understand what you need to do to meet and even surpass industry standards.

With Key Performance you can gain a better grasp of how to embed benchmarking as part of the culture of your organisation, including training employees, so they know how to use benchmarking techniques as part of an ongoing improvement process.

Quality management systems

We use the 8 principles of ISO9001 to deliver the right kind of change for your organisation. This quality standard covers everything from customer service to leadership, and is a key tool for establishing success criteria for your business and then helping you achieve it.

Preparing your business for change

All businesses face change at one point or another. It’s our ability to anticipate and embrace change that makes us stand out from our competitors and fulfil customer expectations.

At Key Performance we help you to treat change more positively, while recognising its different forms, so you treat them appropriately. For example, how you handle ‘closed’ or short-term change should be very different to how you handle ‘open’ change, which is more long-term and far less predictable in nature.

We take you away from knee-jerk reactions and short-term ‘fixes’, as well as looking at how management styles and target structures may impede or prevent change. Helping you to plan for, and meet, change with resilience and confidence.

Facilitated 4-in-1-events for business-wide challenges

Most customers face a variety of management challenges, ranging from staff motivation and communication, through to innovation and managing their cash flow. And while these problems bring their own set of challenges, quite often they also impact on each other.

So we use ‘4-in-1’ events to look at these issues and help you tackle them in one go. By bringing together employees and senior management in a neutral environment – away from the everyday distractions of the office – people find that they gain a new energy and perspective that helps them focus on their goals and work to resolve problems together. This often includes longstanding issues that management have not had the chance or space to resolve previously.

Customers tell us they find this a refreshing way to approach business problems, with many choosing to repeat the event with a different mix of challenges later on.

Please find below a diagram that explains the relationship between employee engagement and customer service.

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