Cost-effective processes

Free up internal processes and improve productivity with more cost-effective process management

Paperwork for paperwork’s sake, long and involved sign-off processes and poor use of IT all affect our ability to deliver projects to standard and on time. Overly complicated processes not only alienate customers, but can also impact employee motivation. All of which negatively affects productivity.

Complex processes typically build up over time and often affect SMEs that have outgrown old processes and simply haven’t had the chance to find more effective ways of working. This problem can be compounded by the ‘old boys’ syndrome, where longstanding employees are resistant to new methods that threaten their comfort zone.

At Key Performance we know the power of good process management and how it can transform your business. We also know how to help employees embrace change, so that new processes take effect in the shortest time possible and have a real impact on how you work. And we'll make sure that your employees stay customer-focused, using customer research to help us do this. So both employees and customers feel satisfied and fulfilled.

We have the skills to help you use process management to achieve specific business objectives, such as improved customer service or delivery of a development project. So you see real, tangible results across the business.

To help us do this we ask whether your organisation:

  • Has clear goals and objectives
  • Has end-to-end delivery processes
  • Has identified the critical success factors per process
  • Knows and understands the key drivers of performance
  • Understands the level of variance in achieving goals and objectives
  • Has areas of weaknesses in terms of errors, delays, bottlenecks, duplication and non-value adding activities
  • Has people who are accountable for the drivers and weaknesses
  • Has leaders who can drive improvements and develop good teamwork
  • Utilises people from different groups in cross functional teams
  • Applies reviews and continuous improvement or Kaizen techniques (a philosophy based on small say-to-day measures that enable long-term progress) to its processes
  • Measures the right things and does so correctly
  • Has ever benchmarked its processes

Once we have the answers to these questions we help you develop a programme that is relevant to your process management challenges. Programmes include practical measures for change, key roles and responsibilities and target timescales, to help us monitor progress.

We’ll also apply both Six Sigma and Lean methodologies where appropriate. These help us to iron out any inconsistencies in your process management and reduce wastage of resources, like materials and manufacturing space.

And we’ll look at whether your business has any ‘wicked’ process management problems that prevent it from functioning effectively. Typically we use informal networks to help us address these and a Networker tool, that helps us to identify the best people to use as agents of change.

Most organisations also benefit from Quality Management Systems to achieve ISO9001 certification. This standard is now process based and an ideal means of making these processes cost-effective. We have helped over 40 organisations to achieve certification.

We always use Systems Thinking to get the best results.
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