Use improved business communication to improve performance

Formal or informal, inside or out, good communication is the driving force behind all successful businesses. On the flip side, bad communication can be one of the biggest contributors to stress, low productivity and poor business performance.

So how might your business look if you had the time to focus on business communication and free up those bottlenecks that stand in the way of business performance? Perhaps you’d see improved productivity and innovation, maybe fewer customer complaints, or even an increase in business turnover. All of which become possible when management and employees start to communicate.

At Key Performance we believe in the power of open dialogue to tackle your trickiest business communication challenges. Open dialogue is a powerful tool for opening up communication on a variety of business issues and using this to empower your employees. It often serves to strengthen relationships between management and employees, so they work together better in the long-term.

Here are just a few examples of how we stimulate open dialogue:

•    Web-based employee questionnaires with weighted questions
•    Internal and external relationship mapping
•    Assessment of the direction, strength and importance of relationship links
•    Identification of communication blocks, vulnerable areas and hidden leaders
•    Using coaching and/or feedback techniques to improve relationships
•    Analysing and predict performance – matching people to the right jobs so you improve employee retention

Communication reviews

We also conduct communication reviews, where we look at current communication activities, responsibilities, processes and related policies.  We conduct an in-depth communications audit, which helps to identify specific reasons for the ‘disconnects’ between senior management and staff. This gives us a great starting point for improvement.

Freeing up business communication is a continuous process that involves everyone in your business. It’s also an enjoyable journey that can be fantastically rewarding for both business and employee. Many customers feel the effects after only a few weeks and often see significant improvements in productivity.

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