Case studies

Alstom Transport UK and Ireland appointed Key Performance to help them develop their whole approach to strategic collaboration.

The company’s key priorities are that it wants to be very effective in its strategic relationships (suppliers customers etc.) and wants to
be known as a good company to collaborate with. In doing so they will also achieve certification to BS11000:Colaborative Business Relationships.
Key Performance Ltd. was seen as a consultancy that was familiar with all aspects of collaboration including strategy, people development, working
with partners, business change and process improvement. Alstom started this in November 2015.

BS11000 changed to ISO44001 in March 2017. Key Performance helped Alstom become one of the first organisations to achieve certification to ISO44001 in July 2017. A major source of evidence was the refreshed working relationship with London Underground on the Northern Line. The new way of working is totally collaborative, resulting in very significant benefits to both parties. Strategic collaboration utilising the ISO44001 is a framework that yields excellent, sustainable results.

Peter Westbrook of Key Performance was sub contracted to Teamwork Limited to undertake a major review of the management of HMRC’s portfolio of buildings.

At the heart of this review was how effective was the quality management system of the facility management company, who
manage the portfolio. This independent review was very successfully achieved resulting in significant recommendations.

Radical change to how Safety Assurance is organised

The aim was to change the way safety assurance was carried out by one of the three major London Underground infrastructure companies (called an Infraco company). The requirement was for the company to become more risk based; more challenging of old and often inappropriate standards; more pro-active in seeking improvements; more efficient; and less bureaucratic. A radical plan was devised based on agreed goals, use of time, competencies and a new overall process. Staff were involved and allowed to have their input in the planning. The plans were agreed and very successfully implemented.

‘The project has been very successful in achieving our aims’ – Contract Director

Company wide improvement programme

The aim of this project was to radically reinvigorate a large print company so that it could face the challenges of the future. In particular, to introduce cross functional process management, identify and action significant cost improvements, introduce the concept of continuous improvement to all departments and operational sections and to improve communications. The first major steps were to agree the priority company goals, discover customer views,  and establish cross functional improvement ‘goal’  teams. Significant cost and quality improvement projects were carried out resulting in savings of hundreds of thousands of pounds. Internal customer surveys were carried out to identify communication failures, staff were trained in improvement techniques and asked to apply them to their own situation. The results of all this activity resulted in reduced waste, improved efficiency, reduced stock levels, improved quality of company Route cards, new assessment of keeping products (out of 15000 products), radical change in sales and customer care focus. The project was very successful and has enabled the company to invest in new machines and win new business.

‘Very significant business benefits are arising from this project. These are not just financial, but also reflected in changes in our culture making us more challenging and communicative. We are very pleased but we must carry this forward to ensure its complete success’ Managing Director

Being customer led throughout the organisation

A large telecommunications company needed urgent support to help it move from a departmentally led organisation to a customer led one. The immediate need was to develop training in how to carry out process auditing (rather than compliance auditing) to a large group of high potential managers. The programme was developed very quickly using a mixture of process management, audit, and customer satisfaction training material and new innovative exercises. The result was that all bar one of the delegates not only understood what was required but were excited and motivated by the extra demands placed on them  The audits proved to be very successful at identifying the current state of the processes and what they required.

‘We did not have the capability or experience to carry out this very high profile and urgent challenge. Key Performance did….and did it very well’ Project Manager

Creating a vision and producing a practical plan

A high profile non profit making organisation had reached a critical moment in its history. Its existing approach would not succeed in the future. Key Performance were then asked to help them develop their ideas for the future and turn these into meaningful goals, with appropriate consideration of how these could be achieved. A plan was developed, which in turn was incorporated into a proposal for significant increase in government aid. The proposal was accepted immediately and in full. Such an approval for such a large increase in funding is exceptional.

‘Key Performance’s support in helping us develop our proposal was crucial and enabled us to have a sustainable framework for the future.' Director

Building a team from different organisations

Three very large organisations were involved in a nationally important infrastructure project. A significant update to the project had to be installed to every area of the UK. Any failure could have had severe repercussions. Key Performance was asked to design a programme of events which would involve all the participants, improve communications and install shared accountability for the plan. The events’ elements helped develop a common understanding and a unified team for the update. The results were that all updates were achieved on time and with few problems. National customer was extremely pleased.

‘This was a nationally strategic project. It had to work. We needed someone who was independent and could quickly forge a plan and build strong teams for these migrations. Peter Westbrook of Key Performance was the man to do this.’ National Programme Manager

Developing a ISO 9001 approved business system

An old manufacturing business had just been bought. The new owners found a captive market but very antiquated systems, machinery and supporting documentation. They needed help in developing a business system which would provide an all encompassing framework to allow them to make steady improvements and also gain ISO 9001 certification. Key Performance helped them develop 7 high level business processes, supported by the relevant ‘enablers’. Each process enabler (new people, systems, approaches to quality, training etc) was designed to be appropriate to the business framework and their current stage in their development. The overall result was a business that has doubled in size in 3 years, a robust, effective and all embracing business system, more customers and more varied products and ISO certification

‘Key Performance worked with us to create a business system which helps to manage and grow the business. Our advisors were very sceptical that it could succeed but it has. We would recommend Key Performance for their invaluable advice and support.’  Managing Director

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