Business planning

Improve business planning to meet the challenges of tomorrow

Few business leaders would dispute the importance of well-managed business plans. But while business planning is all well and good, it soon takes a back seat when urgent and seemingly more important tasks come along.

Many business managers also keep business plans at a distance from employees, leading to low or poor buy-in. This can make implementing a business plan both a lonely and frustrating process, with slow and unsatisfactory outcomes.

At Key Performance our aim is to give you the time and space you need to focus on your business plan, so that good intentions don’t go to waste. And we’ll help you with operational and cultural change to make employees an active part of implementing your business plan. So you see better, faster results.

Please see below some examples of how we help leaders with business planning and development.

Employee research – We use employee surveys to find out what factors motivate your employees and how well your business performs in each area. Then we help you plan improvements for each area, so you keep employees engaged and performing well.

Independent support – Sometimes it takes a 3rd party to cut through tensions and keep you focused on the task at hand. By providing independent support we can stamp out any rivalries that reduce productivity and prevent you from reaching your goals. We also hold regular management forums and team building events to keep everyone on track and focused on the aims of your business plan.

Operational change – Getting into the nuts and bolts of how you operate is key to enabling progress and helping you reach your goals. We’ll help you understand what change is needed and then put together a change plan that tackles operational blockages head-on.

4Sight or ‘future proofing’ for your business – As it sounds, 4Sight ensures that you’re prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. We look at the nine key areas of business to see where you are now and where you need to be in three years’ time. Then we look at how to get you there.

An important part of this is challenging how you work, for example, complex process management and any organisational values that may stand in the way of success.

Self-assessment – Achieving success depends on a balance of factors, including strong leadership, motivated employees and excellent customer relations. We use the EFQM assessment model to look at how well your business performs in each of these areas and then use our findings to create an action plan. This plan may form part of your overall business plan, or sit alongside it – depending on the size and complexity of your needs.

Self-assessment helps you achieve the balance you need in your organisation to find strong, sustained success.

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