Business motivation

It’s time to motivate employees and improve business performance

Motivated employees are essential to the success of any business. When your employees are inspired they become more creative, so they deliver better solutions. When your employees care about your business they deliver better customer service, so your customers stay happier for longer. And when employees think for themselves it gives you the chance to delegate, to remove yourself from the everyday detail of operations and focus on managing your business.

But how do we make this happen?

At Key Performance our aim is to help you improve employee motivation and performance as constructively as possible. We work with you to find a method that suits your organisation’s culture and performance aims, so you gain the support of your employees and see both relevant and tangible results.

Sometimes this takes the form of team building and other fun events, but more often than not it takes a combination of physical and mental exercises, to help us truly get under the skin of your employees. And by doing this bring about long-term and wide-felt change.

Effective leadership is also an important tool for motivating your employees, which is why we often work with organisations to develop leadership skills. We coach existing managers to help them find solutions to the actual challenges facing your business. And we advocate what is called ‘enabling leadership’, which positively impacts morale and motivation, as well as performance.

Action learning leadership is another tool that we use to turn managers into effective leaders and create a more motivated workforce.

Here are just some examples of how we can improve employee motivation...

Informal networks – Bring together your natural influencers to motivate and energise each other. This is a great way to enable innovation and improve business performance.

Team building – Team building is highly effective in breaking down the tensions and politics that can adversely affect employee confidence and motivation.

Better collaboration with BS11000 – we use this recognised model to help employees collaborate better and bring about more supportive business cultures.

Better use of KPIs – We take a look at how Key Performance Indicators can be used to set more realistic and motivating targets for your employees.

Employee surveys – Employee surveys are a very useful tool for understanding how engaged your people are. We use our results to help you develop an employee engagement strategy.

Bringing performance goals together

More often than not, business leaders face more than one challenge, be that internal politics, customer service or cash flow. So it makes sense for us to bring everything together and work to resolve those issues as part of an overall plan. And we call this a 4-in-1 event.

4-in-1 events help you tackle business challenges, team building, management development and personal development in one hit. It’s a balance of facilitation and group and personal exercises to enable sustained and often remarkable, change in your organisation. This is a tried and tested event and has been a popular scheme with customers in all industries and of all sizes, for many years.

So why not call us today to find out more about how to motivate your employees and let Key Performance revitalise your business.

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