Business change

Use culture change to stimulate employees and improve business performance

At Key Performance we believe that organisations must become more flexible to compete in the modern world. But flexibility doesn’t just apply to the products you make or the service you deliver. In fact how flexible your employees are can be make or break for any organisation, as employee attitudes and behaviours impact on every aspect of your business.

Creating a flexible culture isn’t an easy or fast process. It requires you to take a step back from your business and evaluate how your people behave and why. Then once you have defined and understood employee behaviour you can bring about visible and quantifiable change.

We help you do this by:

  • Identifying and confirming your organisation’s vision and objectives with senior leaders and the key behaviours needed to drive the desired culture (Focus - Goal clarity).
  • Identifying those day-to-day behaviours that would have widespread staff support.
  • Identifying and understanding where your organisation is now, in terms of these behaviours and if employees already relate and respond to them.
  • Identifying actual and potential barriers to behavioural changes.
  • Identifying natural change leaders who can help bring about cultural change

Until now, it has been difficult, costly and time-consuming to understand the organisational culture and hidden reasons for poor performance. So we employ a suite of innovative tools as well as tried and tested techniques.

These include:

  • Our ‘4Sight Model’ that explores future desired states
  • ‘Magus Indexer’, a powerful discovery tool that identifies the causes of organisational under-performance
  • ‘Magus Networker’ to identify key individuals for collaboration, communication & feedback and influential change agent activities etc. And we aid problem solving through tapping into your organisation’s underlying intelligence.
  • Outcome analysis and ‘Systems Thinking’ to provide a solid framework for your revised business culture
  • Customer and stakeholder research, including real time feedback from influential change agents and other engaged individuals across the organisation

We then ensure that there is a clear link between these behaviours, competencies, business processes and day-to-day actions, all of which define individual and collective performance.

We achieve this by:

  • Engaging managers and influential real change agents
  • Aligning management styles to support the required behaviours/principles/values
  • Promoting and supporting those responsible for leadership skills and behaviours
  • Revising current targets to encourage constructive behaviour
  • Ensuring organisational structures, systems, policies and processes are aligned
  • Ensuring that both succession planning and talent management are aligned

This challenging approach encourages greater innovation and quicker decision making, through greater empowerment and personal accountability. The result is a more agile and flexible organisation that’s able to meet new challenges.

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