Action learning leadership

One of the key challenges facing organisations is the need for managers to become more entrepreneurial and strategic in their thinking and behaviour.

Organisations need their managers to take ownership for business growth. Many, if not most organisations, have managers who are good at operational matters, but for a variety of reasons are unable to ‘think how things can be done differently’ to achieve effective sustainable growth. This is vital, as purely operational cost savings and continuous process improvement will not deliver greater commercial growth.

When comparing ‘Leadership’ with ‘Management’, leadership is a key principle, whereas management is more about structure and process and logical control of people to achieve a set of predetermined results. Leadership is about getting the same people to perform to the maximum level of their capability, which is usually higher than they personally believe, or managers can obtain.

To enable managers to perform to the strategic goals of the company, they need to understand what changes are required, and to be able to plan those changes. They need to understand the impact any changes may have on themselves as leaders and their teams, and be able to reinforce and understand the effects of change on performance levels. To date there has been a perceived lack of understanding of the phases of learning that people need to go through to adopt new practices and what the end goals are. This has led to a lack of business growth.

A vital and strong part of any leader is the ability to both coach and give feedback to his/her teams and individuals. It is Key Performance’s belief that these skills can be learnt and people can develop them. We will take your organisation’s management through a very practical programme, explaining how important it is for people to receive AND act on feedback and also for their line reports to be able to provide feedback in the most effective and appropriate manner.

We carry out do this programme over 3 stages:

Stage 1: Identifying the strategic issues
Stage 2: Building a strategic proposition
Stage 3: Planning and implementing strategic change

Throughout the 3 stages we provide the necessary training coaching and guidance to help make real beneficial and sustainable changes.
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