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Key Performance was set up in 1996 by Peter Westbrook, an experienced management consultant and trainer. His aim was to help organisations bring about change by using a unique blend of experience; tried and tested management techniques; and pragmatism.

Over the last 10 years Peter has built up a team of consultants who have helped many organisations to find their own solutions to business challenges. Collectively we have a range of expertise, knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • Leadership and finding natural, hidden leaders
  • Unearthing and unlocking the potential of informal networks and hidden natural leaders
  • Introducing lean processes and associated concepts and techniques
  • Six Sigma process improvement up to master black belt level
  • Systems engineering: a toolkit to support ‘Systems Thinking’ development
  • Collecting, understanding and then transforming data into relevant information
  • Assessing present culture using a methodology based on a Social Network Analysis called Magus Indexer
  • Utilising the new ISO44001 standard on collaboration to build lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Utilising various techniques to map and visualise systems now and in the future
  • The Networker Process – a proven method for tapping into organisational intelligence to make fast but significant improvements. This is typically applied across complex, and often systematic problems, that occur across departments or organisations
  • Customer and employee surveys
  • Engaging with both the formal structures and processes in organisations and the informal human dynamics that often determine the success or otherwise of achieving organisational goals.

We’re not just standard

We never use standard products, approaches or training, which means that every contract is unique. And that has resulted in many loyal, happy customers, who return to us time and again for help with their business challenges.

At Key Performance we are often asked at short notice to help clients achieve very difficult goals. On all these occasions we are quick, perceptive and decisive, resulting in very successful outcomes.

We enjoy working with our clients and see good relationships as a prime reason for our success.

We also carry out work for other consultancies because they have confidence in Key Performance’s ability to maintain their good name and develop their services.

To find out more about our consultants, please click on any of the name below.

Peter Westbrook
David Barthorpe
Adrian Nixon
Martin Mellor
Ruth Morris
Noel Hodson
Michael Wilkinson
Mick Earle
Jason Wheeler
Charles Vickers
David Cowburn

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